9 czerwiec Piątek – Poranna Lektura

By | Czerwiec 9, 2017

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The Financial Pain Equation (Do not start investing like an 80-year old pensioner when you are 35. Putting all of your money into bonds and cash because you are upset with current volatility is not a good strategy. Resisting a bear market with “safe” investments will make your long term pain terminal rather than temporary….), tonyisola.com

Secret Scents of Success (In fact, successful people openly LIE about what it takes! They’ll use words like “Just find your passion!” (while obscuring the endless amount of time they spent perfecting their craft…), iwillteachyoutoberich.com

The Problem With the Relentless Pursuit of Happiness (Don’t watch/read the news every single day, Give yourself a short commute to work…), awealthofcommonsense.com

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